There is no doubt for us that humanity is capable of maintaining a favourable climate on Earth. Today, we already have the necessary technologies to generate energy in an environmentally friendly way, we can plant forests and restore degraded ecosystems. And most of all, caring for the climate and our planet is an issue that is important to many people. What is needed now to effectively protect the Earth’s climate is a democratic decision-making process, which will enable the implementation of climate-friendly solutions. Citizens’ assemblies are a form of democracy which, in our opinion, supports making well-considered decisions on such complex issues as climate protection.

The aim of our initiative is to have citizens’ assemblies, formed from a randomly selected group of citizens, become a standard in all democratic countries worldwide. We would like them to become a tool for making binding decisions, both on issues related to climate protection, and on all other matters that are important to people.

Our team

Marcin Gerwin, PhD – designs and coordinates citizens’ assemblies. He is a specialist in sustainable development and deliberative democracy. A graduate of political science. Author of the books Żywność i demokracja (Food and Democracy) and Żywność przyjazna dla klimatu (Climate–friendly food), and a guide to citizens’ assemblies. Apart from working on democracy-related issues, he gives self-care workshops for activists.

Karolina Woźniak – coordinates social media and cooperation with climate activists. A project manager by profession, and a graduate of English Language Studies. An organiser of self-care workshops for activists. In her free time, she trains CrossFit and kettlebell sport.